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Flyers and flyers

The flyer is the most versatile and useful tool for your communication. In standard or customised sizes, flyers are ideal for both commercial leafleting and for advertising events or products at trade fairs or in shops or bars. Depending on the paper you choose, you can produce a simple or sophisticated product for a wide range of products.

1000pcs from 60€ + vat
Prices decrease with increasing quantities
Delivery to Italy included
Any Format
Grammage: 100 - 130 - 170 - 250 - 300 - 350 gsm

Laminating: Opaque only front or front and back - Soft Touch only front or front and back

Standard Paper: Matt Coated - Glossy Coated - Usomano

Premium Paper: Extra White - Tintoretto Gesso - Watercolour Stucco - Recycled - Underwood Birch - Ice white - Mohawk Superfine

Business cards

The business card is the number one tool for presenting yourself at your best. With paper business cards you can print a classic card, with horizontal orientation, or focus on a different presentation, opting for vertical orientation. The format can also be your hallmark: you have four different print formats at your disposal.

Classic business cards
1000pcs starting from €40 + VAT
Prices decrease as quantities increase
Italy delivery included

Standard Paper: Matte Coated - Glossy Coated

Premium Paper: Tintoretto Gesso - Black Paper - Watercolor Stucco - Mohawk Superfine - Ice White - Recycled - Extra White - High Thickness Paper - Havana Paper - Underwood Birch

Eco-friendly business cards
For an exclusive and at the same time environmentally friendly presentation, we provide you with business cards made on ecological media. Three different types of cards available to present yourself and your business in a careful and sustainable way. Ideal for promoting products or initiatives during eco-friendly or green fairs and events.
Format: 8.5 x 5.5 cm - 9 x 5 cm - 8.5 x 5 cm - 5.5 x 5.5 cm
Material: Recycled Paper - Underwood Birch - Mohawk Superfine - Havana paper

Ennobled business cards
500pcs starting from €80 + VAT
Prices decrease as quantities increase
Italy delivery included
Choose between gold, silver or 3D paint lamination to give personality to your business card and get noticed from the first moment. Highlight words or parts of your graphics to create unique and sophisticated cards.
Finishing: 3D paint - Gold lamination - Silver lamination

Laminated business cards
500pcs starting from €70 + VAT
Prices decrease as quantities increase
Italy delivery included
Designed to resist scratches or signs of aging. Thanks to three different types of lamination, matt, glossy or soft touch, you can protect your cards from frequent use, highlight the colors and create a valuable communication tool.
Lamination: Glossy front only - Matt front only - Soft Touch front only - Glossy front and back - Matt front and back - Soft Touch front and back

Paired business cards
Made up of two layers of white paper with a core of double colored cardboard. They are therefore very resistant and impactful: the thick colored edge makes them a unique product capable of being remembered. Perfect for handing out at trade shows and creative events, outdoor festivals or sophisticated retail outlets.

PVC business cards
100pcs starting from €110 + VAT
Prices decrease as quantities increase
Italy delivery included
For an even more effective effect, you have three different types of finishing at your disposal, to underline words or highlight important details of your graphics.
Format: 8.5 x 5.4 cm - 5.4 x 5.4 cm
Material: white PVC 0.5 mm - transparent PVC 0.5 mm
Even with rounded corners
Finishing available

Square business cards
1000pcs starting from €50 + VAT
Prices decrease as quantities increase
Italy delivery included
Weight: 350 g/m²
Printed on standard, special or laminated paper, they allow you to leave customers and contacts a precious reminder of you and your business in a small and original format. Ideal for event promotions or creative activities.

Folded business cards
250pcs starting from €80 + VAT
Prices decrease as quantities increase
Italy delivery included
If you need more space to present yourself and communicate your business, folding business cards are the solution. With double the available surface area, they allow you to insert all the information necessary to talk about your brand or the graphics that best represent you.
Finishing available
Format: 8.5 x 5.5 cm
Weight: 350 g/m²

Rounded Corners Business Cards
1000pcs starting from €75 + VAT
Prices decrease as quantities increase
Italy delivery included
To avoid angular presentations, choose business cards with rounded corners. Ideal for standing out and making your business remembered, they can be customized thanks to three different types of finishing. Soft and impactful, they are perfect for your handmade clothing shop, for a pastry shop or for your venue!
Weight: 350 g/m²
Finishing available
Standard Paper: Matte Coated - Glossy Coated
Premium Paper: Tintoretto Gesso - Extra White - High thickness paper - Black paper - Havana paper

Small Format

Centopixel provides you with a wide range of tools to communicate your identity and message, promote your business and publicise your events.

Postcards and Invitations
Other formats
Office Products
PVC cards

Labels & Stickers

Labels in reels, small stickers or large format stickers: thanks to the wide range of stickers in the Centopixel catalogue, you can customise any type of product or surface. Choose the most suitable model for your project, from the smallest label to a large format sticker for any medium.

Labels: Automatic Application - Bottles & Packaging - Cosmetics - Wine, Spirits & Beer - Neutral

Stickers: Full Cut - Half Cut - Foil - Holographic - Resin - Large Format

Warranty Seals

Any format - Ennobling available

Polypropylene: deluxe white - deluxe clear - holographic metallic - deluxe silver - electrostatic clear Refix

Standard Papers: Coated - Uncoated - Removable Coated - Natural White

Premium Papers: Birch Varnished - Uncoated Embossed - Satin Effect - Greaseproof Felt Effect - Impermeable White - Canvas Effect - Hay with Vegetable Fibres - Gold - Paste Coloured Black - Natural Greaseproof - Recycled

Barrier Papers: Hammered White - Extra White - Felt Effect - 100% Cotton

Plasticisation: Scratch Resistant Varnish - Matt Plasticisation - Glossy Plasticisation

Classic roll labels
500pcs from 80€ + VAT.
Prices decrease as quantities increase.
Delivery to Italy included.

Advertising banners

To print your communication on a large scale, we provide you with 9 different types of advertising banners. Depending on the project, event or application conditions, you can choose the most suitable medium to make your message stand out.

Any Format

PVC free - Microperforated - PVC - TNT - Fabric - Backlit double-sided - Blockout - Windproof - Transenna

Posters & Posters

Posters and flyers are the perfect medium to give your products and business the right visibility in both outdoor and indoor spaces: you can choose from a wide range of formats and count on durable, quality printing.

Maxi posters
Customised format posters
Custom format photo posters

Posters are the perfect medium to talk about your events and products in a visible and widespread way. Stick them on the walls of shops, premises and any flat surface and advertise a film, a concert, the launch of a new service or the opening of your shop. Ensure visibility of your message through posters of various sizes and paper media.

100pcs from 70€ + vat
Prices decrease as quantities increase
Delivery to Italy included

Any format
Grammage: 100 - 130 - 170 - 250 - 300 - 350 gsm

Standard Paper: Matt coated - Glossy coated - Usoman

Premium Paper: Extra White - Tintoretto chalk - Watercolour Stucco - Recycled - Underwood birch - Ice white - Mohawk Superfine

Lamination: Glossy only - front and back

PVC Adhesives

Ideal for covering any smooth, curved or irregular surface, from vehicles to shop windows, from floors to walls. High print quality and long outdoor durability.

Flat Surfaces
Cars and Motorcycles
Repositionable Electrostatic
Magnetic holders

Magazines, Books & Catalogues

Tell your brand, your story or all your products in the best way. Choose the format, material and binding that is right for you: customise magazines, books and catalogues in any way you like quickly and easily.

Metallic Stitch
Milled Paperback
Spiral Binding
Stitched Paperback
Softcover Book
Hardcover Book
Paperback Ennobled
Metallic Spiral Binding
Metallic Stitch Ennobled
Paperback Ennobled
High Circulation Magazines

Rigid Supports

From supports designed for indoor environments to those resistant to rain and weather: discover the wide range of rigid materials with which to shape your most diverse projects. Forex, aluminium, Plexiglas, polycarbonate, sandwich or cardboard, these are the families of products with which you can realise displays and panels, installations and signage, furniture and information material for shops, fairs or exhibition spaces.



A range of models designed for the most diverse needs: floor-standing, roll-up, counter-top or backlit. Chosen and designed by our staff for their speed of assembly and ease of transport, they will become precious tools for your communication strategies.

Roll Up Roller Shutters
Flag Exhibitors
Counter displays
Trade Fair Exhibitors
Frame with tensioned fabric
Outdoor displays
Anti-theft covers


Complements and customisable items for the catering industry. Ideal for coordinated and promotional communication of premises or bars or catering services.

Table settings
Catering packaging
Professional clothing

Calendars & Agendas

To organize your time and commitments, Centopixel offers you a wide range of calendars to customize. Choose the template that best suits your needs and print it with the graphics of your brand or business.

Wall Calendars
Desk calendars
Calendars Bookmarks
Pocket Calendars
Poster Calendars
Sewn diaries
Diaries with Hard Cover


Huge selection of customisable promotional products to give away to customers or to distribute at trade fairs or events. Choose from various categories of items and convey your brand through unique gadgets!

Office and Stationery
Luxury Corporate Gifts
Home & Leisure

Created to measure and personalized according to your needs. Printing of flyers, posters, banners and advertising displays, business cards, posters, catalogues, stickers, stickers, packaging, banners, magazines, photos, books and catalogues.

National & International Shipping.

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