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Centopixel Hot Air Balloons

An italian innovative idea with a strong ethical imprint. Attention to customer requirements is a priority at Centopixel, always managing to find the right mix between desire, budget and feasibility of realisation. We express our eco-sustainability by combining communication with environmental awareness. 

We chose this name because ‘pixel’ means minimum block of information per image, for us at Centopixel it means care and attention to detail or, to be more specific, pixels.

Made in Italy is a phenomenon of exceptional creativity, this is our starting point but we make internationality our strength, well aware that knowledge of design, architecture and fashion is global.

Centopixel is a design studio based in Turin.

About Us

Creative Director

Lessie Barron

Design Director

Tanya Carr

Motion Artist

Rey Mills

The Team

Cantina Sabauda Logo Centopixel
Light Media

Our customers

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