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Hospitality IPTV

Systems dedicated to hospitality are usually composed of an IPTV control panel, smart TVs and a software solution that manages the multicast flows generated. The 3DGFlex FRACARRO IPTV solution is a point of reference in medium/large centralized installations that require the distribution of TV/SAT content, both Standard Definition and High Definition (encoded or FTA), and constitutes the guarantee of a perfect DIGITAL image in any COAX or IPTV context. The request is to use a new network or exploit the same IP distribution network, for example that of a hotel (ethernet cabling, switches, routers, etc.), to integrate television programs (UHD, HD, SD) or radio services to broadband Internet services, sharing the same Ethernet network.

To be able to distribute in an IP infrastructure it is necessary to receive the programs from a satellite dish or an antenna and "transmodulate" them into a DATA signal, suitable for crossing the Ethernet switches and able to be "recognized" by Hospitality TVs with IP tuner integrated.

In addition to the Fracarro IPTV exchange, the environment is composed of:
- IP network infrastructure that carries signals to devices
- User terminals (Hospitality TV, IP decoders, PCs, tablets, etc.)
- Several servers that manage the distributed services (servers
third-party "middleware" for the IPTV part, PMS for the
Billing, Video on Demand server for watching films, etc.)

Samsung LYNK™ REACH 4.0 solution
Hotels can use the latest hospitality technologies to offer their guests a unique experience. LYNK REACH 4.0 combines the benefits of Samsung's SINC and REACH hospitality technologies into a complete content management solution. LYNK REACH 4.0 optimizes technology and benefits that improve the guest experience by offering more information channels, convenient communication options and efficient room management.

Terrestrial and Satellite Systems

Solutions for the distribution of TV signals in hospitality complexes.
At the hotel, guests can use the same forms of entertainment and communication services that they enjoy at home. Complete projects in line with customer needs in the hospitality sector. The company draws on its experience in developing telecommunications solutions for the integration of personalized television services, permanent connection to the Internet or value-added audiovisual content, digital signage, security systems, management tools and highly energy efficient solutions.

Solutions for the centralized distribution of television services from satellite, digital terrestrial or data within hospitality contexts such as hotels, campsites, commercial structures, hospitals or prisons, where traditional television signals are distributed with the addition of foreign language signals. Distribution of free services (FTA), coming from satellite broadcasters such as Sky, Astra, tivùsat or from digital terrestrial (pay) broadcasters such as Mediaset premium through a single accommodation facility. The distribution of services can be achieved through traditional coaxial or optical fiber. The flexibility of the solutions is characterized by choice of content, choice of distribution technology, choice of content (free FTA or paid PAY).

Voip & Networking systems

Technology that makes it possible to carry out a conversation, similar to that which could be obtained with a telephone network, using an Internet connection or any other dedicated packet switching telecommunications network, which uses the connectionless IP protocol for data transport.


Indoor & Outdoor configuration.

Video surveillance

Indoor & Outdoor Design & Installation.

​Design and implementation of complex technological installations for hotel facilities and multimedia systems on board ships.

Fracarro 3DGFLEX
It is the full digital modular control unit designed for the processing of digital signals in centralized systems, such as large condominiums or hospitality contexts, combining the programs coming from 3 distinct SAT sources into a single DTT multiplex. The tivùsat satellite platform allows you to serve areas not covered by digital terrestrial, or with reception difficulties, offering the major free national channels together with an ever-growing list of Italian and foreign channels. 3DGFlex Fracarro allows you to create ad hoc multiplexes and modify the distributed channel list in real time without retuning the televisions; thanks to remote management on the web interface, it is possible to remotely program and monitor the control panel at any time.

Fracarro D-MATRIX-4S
The new family of compact D-MATRIX control units introduces a revolutionary concept: a single product is able to receive up to 4 different independent satellite transponders, remodulating the HD or SD programs in the digital multiplexes (COFDM or QAM) available in output, freely programmable in TV frequencies. Programming the control unit is easy and intuitive thanks to the integrated web interface. Furthermore, thanks to the 2 universal Common Interface slots with which the D-MATRIX control unit is equipped, it is possible to decrypt the desired programs using the professional HD PRO CAMs and the professional tivùsat Smart Cards (not supplied with the control unit). Technologically advanced and equipped with innovative features, the D-MATRIX control unit is characterized by its compact dimensions and high quality/price ratio, making it the ideal solution for distributing tivùsat content in small and medium-sized hospitality systems. ABSOLUTE NEWS: The versatility of the D-MATRIX control unit allows you to reproduce and distribute, via the USB port, appropriately formatted Audio/Video contents (the format of the managed file must be TS). The tivùsat satellite platform allows you to serve areas not covered by digital terrestrial, or with reception difficulties, offering the major free national channels together with an ever-growing list of Italian and foreign channels.

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